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Wrap around case packer for Tetra Pak LLGB-15

Wrap around case packer for Tetra Pak LLGB-15

LLGB - 15 type automatic carton wrapping machine is my company on the basis of digesting and absorbing foreign advanced technology, combined with China's national conditions, developed with independent intellectual property rights, widely adapted to the packaging industry, efficient, environmental protection of a new generation of carton packaging machinery. The machine and the machine can provide packaging form, compared with similar traditional packaging methods, has distinctive features:

1.the carton is made use of corrugated board paper container, its advantage lies in:

2.similar to the arch structure, can have bumper damping effect, has the good mechanical properties.

3.has many good protection function of packaging items. For example, moistureproof, heat dissipation and easy handling, etc.

4.transportation cost is low, and easy to realize the packaging and transportation of mechanization and automation.

5.change in the specification and size is easy to implement, can quickly adapt to the packaging of all kinds of goods.

6.sealing, strapping are convenient, easy to automatic operation.

7.can adapt to various types of carton packaging printing, can well solve the problem of product protection and promotion.

8.by covering or barrier material combination, and greatly expand the scope of its use.

9.the beautiful shape of enclosure, using the products and further improve appearance.

In short, application of automatic wrapping machine, reduce labor intensity, reduce the labor resources, reduce the production process, its superior comprehensive performance index and economic benefits, has been accepted and widely recognized by society, will be to upgrade the traditional manner of packing and inevitable development trend.

Источник питания

220/380 v, 50/60HZ, 10KW

Давление воздуха


размер машины

L6000 * * W2000 H1800mm

Размер коробки


скорость упаковки

15pcs / мин


Siemens/ Mitsubishi

Сенсорный экран

Siemens/ Mitsubishi

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