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Lamp Tube Packing DGGB-15

Lamp Tube Packing DGGB-15

This machine is custom models for the energy-saving lamp tube packing and tailor-made automation equipment, according to the characteristics of the light tube, used for transmission, chuck learned protective casing tubes in cardboard placed at the same time prevent damage of tube moving, automatic code cascade, hot melt adhesive pallet box forming

Power:220/380 v, 50/60HZ, 10KW

Air pressure:0.5-0.7MPA

Machine size:L5500*W2200*H3100mm

Energy-saving lamp tube:L1213.6mm ,Ф25.4

Packing speed:1case/1.5min, 25pcs/case


Touch screen:Eview

Optoelectronic switch:Omron

Electrical magnetic valve:AIRTAC

Pneumatic element:SMC


Hot Melt system:NORDSON