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Дело наполнения LZX-18Y

Дело наполнения LZX-18Y

This packing machine is falling type carton filling machine. Bottles are conveyed in to the separation line, in turn order, due to the nature of round bottles in the process of put in bottles is arranged one by one, the gap between the arc just next to the bottle a bottle, the bottle rub each other before moving forward, is arranged orderly, in turn, falling into the agency waiting, also at the bottom of the transmission line in the box into the drop down to the bottom of the organization, in turn, conveying preset, when set up the number of products to set a good arrangement, and at the bottom of the carton also happened in drop down to the bottom of the agency, the product will automatically fall into the box at the bottom of the preset at the same time, and order, good product of carton is directly discharge, above products and below carton firms continue to fall, the packing and go to the next action.

Эта машина подходит для всех видов круговой автоматической упаковки продукции, оборудования занимают площадь области небольшой, простой в эксплуатации, поставки продукции и процесс упаковки будет ясно, на первый взгляд, легко найти ненормальное проблему в то же время.

The machine adopts PLC + touching screen control

There is lack of bottle alarm downtime, no bottle no packing safety device
The machine interface is simple and convenient operation, convenience for the operators
This machine is applicable to all kinds of PET, PP plastic round bottle packing, etc
And it widely used in the beverage, food, cosmetic, chemical and other industries etc.


220 / 380v, 50 / 60HZ, 5KW

The use of air and gas consumption

6 kg/cm2, 450NL / мин

размер машины

L4000 * * W1200 H1750mm

размер коробки

Packing speed

18pcs / мин



Сенсорный экран



P + F

Электрические магнитный клапан


Pneumatic element

Airtac / SMC / Festo



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