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Carton packing machine function description

1. The packing machine
Due to labor costs shot up in recent years, the fast development of industrial automation. Carton packing machine is a kind of there can be no packaging products or small packaging products semi-automatic or fully automatic loading transport packaging. Its working principle is the product in a certain arrangement and quantitative loading box (corrugated paper box, plastic box, tray), and the opening of the box part closed or seal. According to the requirements of the packing machine, it should have carton forming (or open carton), measuring, the function of the packing, some are equipped with sealing or strapping function. Packing machine is divided into falling type packing machine, servo transplanting type packing machine, large chain type packing machine, packing machine manipulator. Cover the food, beverage, condiment, daily chemical products, medical supplies, chemical raw materials, oil, electronics industry, machinery parts, industrial raw materials, and many other neighborhood. Greatly improve the efficiency of the enterprise production, solve the labor costs, reduce business operating costs, improve the enterprise product packaging exquisite degrees.

2. The machine features:
Our case packer machines are intelligent automatic packing machine, adopting high speed distribution device packaging a variety of containers, packaging plastic flat bottle, round bottle, irregular bottles, various size of glass bottle, round, oval, square cans and paper cans, etc., in addition with partition is also applicable to packing. By the bottle clamp (built-in rubber, in case damage bottles) clamp bottles every time (2 cases), into the open carton, when catch looked up, the carton, sent to the sealing machine, the machine adopts P.L.C + touch screen control. There is lack of bottle alarm downtime, no bottle no packing safety device. According to the different products with in different jig, strong compatibility.

3. The machine’s maintenance:
Now most of packaging equipment manufacturers of automation equipment hasn't been a complete set of automatic lubricating system, mainly rely on people to maintain regular time and equipment. It’s the best to according to equipment manufacturers designated maintenance manual for maintenance. When finishing production should check the gas line, electric line, wearing parts wear, loose joint agencies, loaded with butter lubrication, cleaning equipment, etc.

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