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Square carpet Packing DTGB-15

Square carpet Packing DTGB-15

A blanket because of its thick, face big, dust, in domestic carpet manufacturer home, most still is given priority to with manual packing. Carpet manufacturers are struggling to seek suitable for automatic packaging equipment, save human human, improve production efficiency. Due to the particularity of carpet, conventional automatic packaging machine on the market can't satisfy the automatic packaging of a blanket, a coincidence, Shanghai wei long machinery co., LTD., relying on solid technical strength, based on the form and characteristics of a blanket, r&d rug design suitable for automatic packaging equipment, and has set up a market, cause the extensive concern of the carpet from all walks of life at the moment.

This machine is custom models for the square carpets tailor-made automatic packing equipment. According to the square carpets, 50*50 cm, 60*60 cm size. Applicable to a blanket production enterprises, greatly save labor costs, improve production efficiency.

Power supply

220/380 v, 50/60HZ, 10KW

Tekanan udara


ukuran mesin

L4000 * W3000 * H2300mm

Square carpet size

500*500mm , 600*600mm

Kecepatan pengepakan




Layar sentuh


Sakelar optoelektronik


Katup magnetik listrik


Elemen pneumatik


Sistem Hot Melt


Block blanket is also called the carpet tile, its appearance size is commonly 50 * 50 cm, 60 * 60 cm. The carpet surface is commonly tufted, backing and middle lining cloth is exquisite. Finished product has certain softness, while sticking with the ground laid, can also direct spread on the ground. Block structure stability of the carpet, beautiful and easy, carpet surface can be printed or pressed into decorative pattern. During handling, storing and assembled with terrain, into pieces to replace extremely is all convenient. Especially in high-rise buildings, ships, airport, computer rooms and office space are very nice, very active in recent years the domestic market.