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Case Sealer ZGF

Case Sealer ZGF

Features of case sealer "WKD-ZGF series":
-World advanced technology introduced during manufacturing, and imported electrical and pneumatic components applied;
-Manually adjust the machine W and H in accordance with the change of case sizes;
-Automatically fold the top cover,automatically seal top and bottom with tape fastly,smoothly, and attractively;
-Knife protection device available to avoid injury during working;
-Simple and convenient operation,can be used alone or integrated to a packaging line.



Sumber Daya listrik

220 / 380V,50HZ,200W

Air pressure&consumption


dimensi mesin

W930mm * L1700mm * H1510mm

berat mesin


ukuran kasus

L200-600 * W120-500 * H120-500mm

Tape W

48/60/75 (chooose one)

Kecepatan penyegelan

10-15 cases/min

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