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Mesin case filling SZX-18 / 24 / 30

Mesin case filling SZX-18 / 24 / 30

This type machine is design according product, and the clamp is designed for the different products. Clamp clamped by products, automatic positioning in the carton, when the fixture is raised, automatic discharge, finished product packing. it also apply to similar product packing bottle shape. The characteristics of the machine is multi-usage, is suitable for a variety of specifications products, fixture replacement simple easy to operate, convenient adjustment, industry widely.

1、PLC + touching screen control

2、there is lack of bottle alarm downtime and no bottle no packing safety device.

3、Operation interface is simple and convenient operation.

4、Suitable for PET bottle, PP bottle, all kinds of plastic bottles, glass bottles, special-shaped bottles, cans, etc.

Power supply

380v, 60HZ

Tekanan udara


ukuran mesin

L3800-4800 * W1600 * H2200mm

Ukuran karton


Kecepatan pengepakan



Siemens / Mitsubishi

Layar sentuh


Sakelar optoelektronik

P + F

Katup magnetik listrik


Elemen pneumatik

Airtac / SMC / Festo

Servo motor