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Case Erector LKX-10

Case Erector LKX-10

This machine type LKX-10 is carton forming machine. It use cylinder to suck the carton and forming. The speed depending on different carton size. In the process of production can be stand-alone operation independently, also cab be stand the production line running. Suction box, opening box, closing the bottom cover, sealing and transport. Carton vertical storage, convenient supply empty carton, without having to stop operation. And it has the alarm if the carton and tape using up; It’s suitable for the same size carton, changing another size carton need to adjust a little.

The machine features:Equipment design conforms to the requirement of production process and plane layout, beautiful generous, good manufacturing processLow power consumption, operation, adjustment and maintenance is simple and quickMachine has good its own security protection function, such as overload protection and safety doorPresence of tape and no cartons alarm functionStorage box mechanism: a can be placed about 50 a shapeless carton (according to the thickness of the carton), and may at any time



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tekanan udara

6kg / cm2 ,450ml/min

Machine appearance size

W1950mm * L2050mm * H1450mm

berat mesin


ukuran kasus

L280-550mm,W160-400mm, H200-400mm

Tape width


kecepatan kerja

0-10 cases/ min

machine height